SimpleStockTM & Store&ShipTM

Everything we do for you is FREE!

You only pay for rewards we deliver and the shipping fee. That's all, nothing more.  It's simple and everyone loves it this way.




What are the prices on rewards?

Our prices are comparable to Amazon, Walmart, Target and other large discount stores. For items under $1, the prices are comparable to other novelty providers. To view our pricing, give us a call today.



Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. SimpleStock & Store&Ship shipping fees are free when an individual order is over $200. To help achieve this for clients with both on-site stores and online stores where online orders are shipping to your location, we combine your SimpleShip student orders with your biweekly or monthly SimpleStock on-site store order.



How much is shipping?

Our shipping fee is 10% on orders over $100. A $10 shipping fee is applied for orders less than $100. Individual student orders being shipped to a residence will incur the exact USPS postage fee for priority mail.



How much is Shop.TokenRewards?

Shop.TokenRewards usage is free. If you need a custom site, give us a call and our technology experts will meet with you to determine your needs and a fair cost to customize your online store to match your program.



How much is TokenTap for my online store?

TokenTap usage is free when you are using SimpleStock and/or Store&Ship.




Service FAQ's


Can I set my token value and change it at any time?

Yes. We make it easy for only you to access this feature or to call us to make the change.



What is your guarantee with stocking my store?

We guarantee every item we send to stock your store sells within 90 days or you can send it back for credit towards your account if it is in good condition. Our return rate from clients has always been less than 2% over the last 25 years.



What if an item arrives damaged or doesn't work after it's sold?

Give us a call and we will credit your account. Before issuing credit for higher priced items, we may ask for a picture to show us what broke or we may have it shipped back to us.



Can I change the amount I want to stock each month?

Yes. Just give us 10 days advanced notice if possible to make the change.



How do I get started with stocking my store?

Give us a call or fill out your information online under our SimpleStock area. If you request service online, we will call to learn more about your taste in items and your student demographics.



How do I get started with getting my online store up and running?

Give us a call and we'll help set you up in less than 5 minutes. With our PROMOSHIP offer, your first delivery of students orders is with free shipping.



Do I have to operate an on-site store to use the online store?

No. You can use just the online store.

Our Service & Product Guarantee


Absolutely Guaranteed

Every time. Any reason.
And, we'll make it right.



We stand by everything we sell, 100%.


So if you’re not satisfied with your order for any reason, neither are we.


We’ll make it right – from rebuilding your order or issuing an account credit to even refunding you in full. Simple as that.


Our Customer Care Specialists are trained in the art of solving problems. So if you’re not absolutely satisfied, here’s how we can help:


First, contact us and let us know exactly what your issue is.


Then, we’ll work with you to find a solution that you’ll be happy with, whether that means rebuilding your order at no additional cost or crediting your account.


Complete satisfaction or your money back.


If you ever have an issue with your Token Rewards order, it's our goal to resolve it to best meet your needs. So if a rebuild or account credit doesn’t solve your problem, we’ll refund your money 100%.