Save 96 employee hours this year!

SimpleStockTM is our amazing time saving fulfillment service for on-site student reward stores.


Simply tell us how much you need each month and we'll make sure your store is always stocked with exciting merchandise priced with your token values.

"Every two weeks, my team would spend roughly 4 hours shopping for rewards and tagging them with token prices just to stock our store. That's 8 hours a month, 96 hours a year! Now we use those valuable hours to focus on other areas of our service."

-   E. Spearman - Bricks4Kids Learning Center

for Your Student Reward Store 
We love to stock reward stores whether it's a bookshelf, an entire room, or a simple wall space! We're so confident in how we select rewards for your unique program, we guarantee complete satisfaction. Price Range: 50 cents - $20 
(less or more if desired) Variety: 100 new items added every month Categories: Toys, Crafts, Sports, Electronics, New Trends, Room Decor, Novelties, Jewelry, Pet Supplies, School Supplies Frequency: Bi-weekly, Once a month, Every other month Each monthly SimpleStockTM box includes a large variety of items with prices between $.50 - $20 in the categories listed below. To ensure this large variety we deliver only 1 to 3 pieces of each item. Of course if you want more of something, just let us know. Toys Hi-Bounce Balls, Slime, Hot Wheels, Spinners, etc. Crafts Sketch pads, Markers, Model kits, etc. Electronics Bluetooth Headphones, Data Banks, RC cars, etc. Sporting Goods Soccer balls, Jump ropes, Frisbees, etc. Fashion Bracelets, Ball Caps, Cosmetic Bags, etc. Room Decor Lava Lamps, Fuzzy Throws, Glow Stars, etc. Cool School Supplies Gel Pens, Journals, Mech. Pencils, etc. Glow in the Dark Glue, PopSockets, Spinners, etc. New Trends Glow in the Dark Glue, PopSockets, Spinners, etc.

See. Touch. Feel.

Our products, prices and SimpleStockTM service with PROMOSTOCKTM


We make it simple to experience Token Rewards without any risk when you select our PROMOSTOCKTM for your initial customized store order.


Give us a call and in just 5 minutes your job stocking and pricing is done for the rest of the year! Those 5 minutes are going to save you 96 hours this year.


PROMOSTOCKTM   lets you experience first hand our expertise in selecting and tagging rewards with your prices for your store.


It also lets you see, touch, and feel our high quality, huge variety and our low prices you can expect in every SimpleStockTM shipment you receive from us. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.