Save 96 employee hours this year!

SimpleStockTM is our amazing time saving fulfillment service for on-site student reward stores.


Simply tell us how much you need each month and we'll make sure your store is always stocked with exciting merchandise priced with your token values.

"Every two weeks, my team would spend roughly 4 hours shopping for rewards and tagging them with token prices just to stock our store. That's 8 hours a month, 96 hours a year! Now we use those valuable hours to focus on other areas of our service."

-   E. Spearman - Bricks4Kids Learning Center

See, Touch, & Feel

our products, prices and SimpleStockTM service with PROMOSTOCKTM.


We make it simple to experience Token Rewards without any risk when you select our PROMOSTOCKTM for your initial customized store order.


Give us a call and in just 5 minutes your job stocking and pricing is done for the rest of the year! Those 5 minutes are going to save you 96 hours this year.


PROMOSTOCKTM   lets you experience first hand our expertise in selecting and tagging rewards with your prices for your store.


It also lets you see, touch, and feel our high quality, huge variety and our low prices you can expect in every SimpleStockTM shipment you receive from us. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our Service & Product Guarantee


Absolutely Guaranteed

Every time. Any reason.
And, we'll make it right.



We stand by everything we sell, 100%. So if you’re not satisfied with your order for any reason, neither are we. We’ll make it right – from rebuilding your order or issuing an account credit to even refunding you in full. Simple as that.


Our Customer Care Specialists are trained in the art of solving problems. So if you’re not absolutely satisfied, here’s how we can help:


First, contact us and let us know exactly what your issue is.


Then, we’ll work with you to find a solution that you’ll be happy with, whether that means rebuilding your order at no additional cost or crediting your account.


Complete satisfaction or your money back.


If you ever have an issue with your Token Rewards order, it's our goal to resolve it to best meet your needs. So if a rebuild or account credit doesn’t solve your problem, we’ll refund your money 100%.